Frequently Asked Questions​

What is included in your tours?

We provide a tour package that is an all-in arrangement. This means airfare, hotel accommodations, breakfasts and dinners (sometimes lunches are included), tips and gratuities, visa and border taxes, entrance fees to tourist sites, local guide fees and transportation, as well as travel insurance are already included. The participant worries about nothing while travelling with the group. In our tours, we also provide a Tour Director that escorts the group for the duration of the tour. Any glitches along the way, is taken cared of.

Are all your tours originating from Manila, Philippines?

Yes. For those originating from Hong Kong, Australia, the USA or elsewhere, we provide a land arrangement rate where any participant originating from elsewhere can meet us at the first city of entry. From the USA, we can arrange for air tickets into the Middle East as well.

Do you have special discounts for pastors, church workers or missionaries?

A pastor, church worker or missionary go for free, if they organize a group of a minimum of 20 of their friends, relatives or church members who are willing to travel with them on the tour. If 30 are willing to go, the pastor and his wife will be able to go free.

Can I bring my children with me on the tour?

Our tours are designed with the pilgrim in mind. There will be extensive amounts of visits to different sites that will involve walking, hearing and learning. If your children do not have the maturity to participate in the group process, it is not recommended that they come along with you. Usually children above 12 years old will be able to adapt and enjoy our tours.

My mother is 80 years old, can she take this tour?

If your mother is fit and has been given a clean bill of health by her physician, we certainly most welcome her to join our tours. She may need, however, to bring her maintenance medication and a companion to go on the tour with a group.

I would like to sponsor a relative in the Philippines to participate in your tour. How do I send money?

All payments are done by wire transfer into our USD account with Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI). Please contact us for other payment alternatives.

Do you accept credit cards?

In order to avoid merchant fees, no, we do not accept credit cards.

Do you have other group departure dates that we can join in?

Please check our Tour Schedule page for actual dates. Please contact us directly so that we can “waitlist” your name in any of our filled-up programs.

I would like to form a group of my own. How do I go about it?

HighLight Tours regularly organize tailor-made programs for churches and Bible schools. Please email your request so that one of our Tour Coordinators will contact you to determine your requirements and walk you through the process of organizing a group tour. Please email us at

Why a Pastor Should Lead a Faith-Themed Tour?

  • Provide a 3D experience to increase Bible aptitude
  • Bring the church members to a closer relationship with the Lord.
  • Educate Church leaders and teachers
  • Counselling time in a relaxed environment
  • Increased church participation and attendance as members return home
  • Personal growth
  • Opportunity to share your faith/testimony to other cultures and nationalities
  • Develop deep bonds among members
  • Represent Christianity to countries who do not know Jesus

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