Do Buy Dubai.

Do Buy Dubai

One of my companions on the tour gave this impression of Dubai. Much like in a Star Wars Movie without the flying machines, Dubai is a city in another world. Really.

For one thing, there a so many aliens here. Filipinos are the 2nd highest, following after the Indians. The whole economy is run by foreigners, with about everyone coming from somewhere. The usual greeting is “Hi, where are you from?”. I enjoy keeping them guessing. But alas when I enter the Pinoy Karaoke Night at the Golden Tulip Suites in Al Barsha, I give myself away. And because I really don’t sing, it further exposes my origins.

After a spiritual high in the Holy Land, a quick stop in Dubai, will always open our Filipino-pasalubong culture. Deprived of enough shopping moments in the souqs of Cairo and Jerusalem, one becomes desperate to complete the pasalubong list.

Keep in mind that the Dirham is about 3.6 to a US Dollar.

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