Spiritual Journey

Tried and tested to give maximum impact for a well-priced holiday, the Spiritual Journey Series allows for just that. This means that every opportunity is given to any participant to see the land, learn about the Bible history behind it and fellowship with other believers in the duration of the tour. A journal is given to record all of the pilgrim's experiences as desired. Bible studies, praise and worship, as well as quiet times are allowed and scheduled.

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Glimpse of the Holy Land

Knowing the Christian market has allowed High Light Tours to design this package with the pilgrim in mind, without needing to worry about what to eat, where to stay and where to go. These tours are fully escorted with all costs already factored into the package so that your tour is as comfortable and smooth as it is a spiritual experience.

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Highlights of the Holy Land

As ancient boundaries are different from modern times, some of the Bible events happened in Jordan as well as Egypt. Highlights of the Holy Land takes the pilgrim to see the highlights of these Bible stories in the hope that this confirms and deepens the understanding of the Believer in what he has read in the Bible.

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Paul’s Missionary Journeys

This tour is designed for those who have been to Israel and would like to continue learning about the Bible. This program is a land or land/cruise arrangement that teaches about the New Testament times in what is today’s Greece, Turkey and Italy. And since this is mostly cruising, people who are not very ambulant may join as well.

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Christian Highlights

This tour is focused on teaching about the New Testament and the early beginnings of the Christian church. Destinations include Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, and England.

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Extension Tours

Your trip to the Holy Land will not be complete without the photos, souvenirs and side trips that you would otherwise have done in a normal tour event. With our programs, we work with other countries connected to the Bible, such as Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Italy and make smooth, seamless side trips at a cost benefit for groups and individuals. In order to guarantee your reservation, please arrange your extension tours upon registration.

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Extension Programs

1. Hong Kong (3 Days 2 Nights)
2. Dubai (3 Days 2 Nights)
3. Abu Dhabi (3 Days 2 Nights)
4. Europe (Schengen States) and the U.K.
5. Nile Cruises (Egypt)
6. Turkey
7. Extra nights in Israel

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The Holy Land is not just a religious destination. Contact us for your plans as a family, as a group or a as church fellowship. If your group or church wishes to apply a theme to your pilgrimage, or put emphasis on certain sites and activities, we may tailor-fit a program for you.

Meetings, incentives conferences and events such as weddings, anniversaries and reunions may be arranged for you in the Holy Land.
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Nine Reasons

why a Pastor should lead a faith-themed tour:

  1. Provide a 3D experience to increase Bible  aptitude
  2. Bring the church members to a closer relationship with the Lord.
  3. Educate Church leaders and teachers
  4. Counselling time in a relaxed environment
  5. Increased church participation and attendance as members return home
  6. Personal growth.
  7. Opportunity to share your faith/testimony to other cultures  and nationalities.
  8. Develop deep bonds among members
  9. Represent Christianity to countries who do not know Jesus.


Israel Tour

Feb. 27 - March 7, 2018

Holy Land Study Tour

April 16 - 29, 2018

Tour Programs

Israel Tour

November 05 - 15, 2018

Holy Land Tour

May 19 - June 1, 2018

Tailor-Made Tours

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HighLight Tours specializes in unforgettable, Bible-focused, Christ-centered group tours to the Bible Lands. Begin your journey and contact us today.

These tours are fully-escorted with all costs already factored into the package so that your tour is as comfortable and smooth as it is a spiritual experience.